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Interview BreX [Illustrateur] – English

POP Pokemon Gym Leader by BreX


/!\ Only in English here /!\  /!\ Version Française ici /!\

-Hi there, BreX ! Welcome to Yatta Fanzine. At first, could you introduce yourself ?


Hi there !  First of all, thanks for having me in this interview 🙂

My name is Bruno Alexander, also known as BreX, and I’m 24.

I’m a guy with multicolored hair who lives in São Luís, the capital city of Maranhão, a northeast state in Brazil.

I’m an illustrator, design student and English teacher on Fridays and I’m crazy about pop culture, music, games and art in all of its forms !

-How did you get a passion for drawing ? And for how long ?

Well, I’ve always had a passion in art. Dragonball was a big thing on TV here in Brazil in the 90’s and I remember that I used to draw the characters after watching the show and in class with my friends. It was my hobbie to draw things, specially anime/TV show related. As I grew up, I discovered the world of digital art, bought a tablet and after that I guess I never stopped 😛


-Did you take any art lessons or did you just learn all of this by yourself ?

I really wanted to do some courses when I was younger but I never found anything interesting in my city so I started searching for tutorials on the internet. Websites like Deviant Art and art forums really helped me understanding the basics of digital art. Now a days you can find TONS of awesome stuff just by searching what you want to learn on Google or Youtube. Having a teacher is always great but I guess you can do fine by yourself if you’re really interested and willing to practice 😛


-Let’s talk about your « Pop Gym Leader ». Could you explain how this project was born?

They’re my babies <3 Hahahah, jokes aside, the idea actually came from another project of mine. Like drawing, I always loved music. At the time I was listening to this brilliant record by Sia, 1000 Forms of Fear, and had the idea of putting Pokemon and Sia together. I couldn’t believe that no one had done a drawing using Chandelure so that was what started everything. The (unfinished) project is called « 1000 Forms of Pokemon » (click on the name) and I tried to represent each track of the album with a drawing that involved Maddie (the dancer on Sia’s videos) and Pokemon. After receiving lots of positive comments I thought about turning her in a Pokemon GYM Leader herself and well… it worked !

BreX _ 1000 form of pokemon

On your Facebook page, we can see that you closed your commission until November. How many request do you take on a monthly basis ?

Yes ! I’m working with commissions where I turn real people in Pokémon trainers and GYM Leaders trying to use the same style seen in the latest games. I’m taking around 13-15 commissions per month. It depends on the kind of commission because some take more time than others 😛 Right now they’re closed until probably the end of the year because I got delayed because of some trips and Uni’ work but I’ll probably open new slots in the future.


-How do you organise your time when doing comissions ? How do you decide your schedule ?

I organise all the details on a Excel worksheet. I put the names on there and after reading all the information I let my imagination and ideas flow. I try to follow the order in there but sometimes ideas come by and I start working on some first. I don’t like to try to rush them because I prefer to work when I’m inspired, it feels like the work flows better and faster this way 🙂


-What was your first « Pop Gym Leader » drawing ? What was your favourite one (including commissions) ?

The first one was Sia ! She’s my favorite singer/songwriter and the whole Chandelure thing really inspired me to it. Here’s a little process pic from sketch to finish.


My favorites are definitely Sia, Gaga and Britney 😛


-Can you show us one of your first sketches/paintings? How do you feel when you look at them, and how do you compare them to your current work ?


I think this was one of my first digital attempts. I remember I was watching Naruto at the time and had to do this because I loved Haku’s character. I printed and used it as a cover for my school notebook and was very proud of it back then hahaha

It’s funny to look back at these drawings because I can see how much I’ve improved though the years. It inspires me to continue on ! 😛

-What do you use to draw ? Do you prefer drawing on paper or on a tablet ?

I started drawing on paper and then moved to digital. I used to draw on paper, scan and finish it on the computer but nowadays I do all the work on the computer. I use a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet and soft wares like Photoshop and PaintTool SAI to do my sketches and finished pieces 🙂

-What is your inspiration ? An artist you really like / support ?

My main inspiration is music ! I always listen to music while I’m drawing or want to draw something. It’s relaxing and helps me to focus on the work. I guess by now you probably know the artist I support the most hahahah. Sia is permanently on my Drawing-And-Chilling set list !

-Do you have any project that is not related to « Pop Gym Leader  » ? Do you plan on having any in the future ?

I actually want to finish the one I started before moving to the Pop GYM Leaders ! I only did 3 of the 12 arts from the « 1000 Forms of Pokemon » and still have some random sketches lying on my computer somewhere so I’ll definitely check them out someday in the future. I also intend to finish the Elite 4 from the Pop GYM Leaders and create another 8 Leaders to the set 🙂

-Except Facebook, can we find you on any other website to follow your work ?

Here are myother networks :

FacebookBreX | Instagram : @brex_art  |  Tumblr : Brex-art  |  Deviantart : Brex5 | Behance : Brex5

I use Instagram and Facebook the most so they’re always updated but I’ll try to keep the others updated too ! You can also check older drawings and arts (most of them related to Grand Chase :P) on my Deviantart.

-Do you have anything you want to say to your followers and our readers ?

I just wanted to say that I’m really glad to show some of my work here on the website and hope that you enjoy my artworks as much I enjoy doin gthem. Follow me on my networks if you like what you see and interact with me however you want, I’m always available for a good chat 😛




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